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ISA Credentialing Council

The ISA Credentialing Council is an elected board of 12 Members, including the chairs of the Liaison Committee, Test Committee, and BCMA Test Committee. For more information on the Board's structure and responsibilities please see the ISA Credentialing Council Policy 006.

The Purpose of the Board

The ISA Credentialing Council is responsible for the strategic direction for the ISA Credentialing Program and makes decisions that are in the best interest of the Program and the credential holders it services. The Credentialing Council serves as an independent body within ISA, responsible for the development, review, evaluation and administration of all policies and procedures related to the ISA Credentialing Program. As an independent body within ISA, the ISA Credentialing Council also submits budgetary information and recommendation to the ISA Board of Directors for approval and incorporation into the ISA annual budget.

ISA Credentialing Council Members

  • Norm Easey, Chair
  • Dennis Archer, Public Member
  • Kingsley Choi
  • Kevin Eckert
  • Craig Johnson
  • Shane Lanigan
  • Gail Nozal
  • Robert Tate
  • Luana Vargas

Current Initiatives and Announcements

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New Qualification: Tree Risk Assessment

The ISA Certification Program has led the way as a credentialing body in the arboricultural industry for many years. In order to meet the needs of the profession and respond to the demands of our stakeholders, we are now exploring new opportunities with qualifications. While qualifications are more well known outside of the United States, as an international organization, ISA is looking to expand training and credentialing opportunities with this new initiative. Qualifications, much like certifications, promote professional development and help set you apart from the competition. But when thinking about which credential is essential to your career, it is important to understand the difference between a certification and qualification.

The first Qualification that ISA plans to launch is on the topic of Tree Risk Assessment. Working with an international panel of experts, ISA is currently developing the qualification and will keep you posted on its availability. For more information on ISA's new program and the transition from the Pacific Northwest Chapter TRACE program expand this section.

Revised CTW Program Proposal

The Credentialing Council has formed a committee to enhance and improve the current Certified Tree Worker (CTW) program based on the current program’s poor response and feedback from tree workers, employers, Certified Arborists and Chapter Liaisons. This communication is meant to provide you with some information on the direction this committee is taking for their program proposal. If you have questions or feedback, contact information has been provided at the bottom of the communication.

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